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Electrical Contractor You Can Trust

Do you have an electrical wiring problem at your home or office space? Do you need a professional to come out and take a look? NX Electric is a Lewisville-based electrical service company that specializes in electrical installations, diagnostics, and repairs.

We address the needs of both residential and commercial properties, and this allows us to serve an expansive client-base.

NX Electric

Servicing DFW For More Than 10 Years

Our company has been in business since 2010, but we have over 30 years of experience in this industry. Our trained professionals receive hands-on training and continue to upskill themselves on the job with advancements in equipment and technologies. We strive for client satisfaction through our quality and honest services.

Superior Workmanship

We provide clients superior workmanship from the start to finish of a project. This ensures that all our projects are completed within the deadline and without compromising on the quality of services provided. We offer a diversity of services to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients.

NX Electric


Embodying safe practices, high integrity, and reliable character in our team is our first priority for the benefit of our customers…
In order to accomplish a goal, or be successful in life, you must first show up and make your presence known. Taking the first step is paramount to great achievements.

To mature into a trusted, dependable, and professional electrical contractor, we must, day by day, display that we can be responsible to our customers for their critical electrical systems. Our customers expect us to be there for them from day one, when we meet for the first time, and well into the future when another electrical need arises. There is no doubt that there are hundreds of electrical contractors to choose from, all who sing the same song. We are no different from them; when it comes to fair and reasonable prices, we strive to meet the industry standards. When it comes to meeting the budget on your project, we like the next guy, will find ways to reduce overall project cost to earn your business.

Embodying safe practices, high integrity, and reliable character in our team is our first priority for the benefit of our customers, and what ultimately sets us apart from the rest. As we grow at NX Electric we believe that these are the steps to becoming a trusted company for today, and into the future.

Our Team

NX Electric, LLC Contractor is a newly founded company, established in November of 2010, lead by its founder and current President/Master Electrician, Alberto Negrete. Alberto started his career in 1994 and was trained and developed by an excellent, well established company in the metroplex for the next 16 years. Receiving further education from the Independent Electrical Contractors in Fort Worth, TX (starting in 1994 and graduating 1997), Negrete went on to take challenges and steps to become a professional and diverse electrician; learning Residential, Apartments, Retail, Hotels, Hi-rise, Assisted Living, Churches, Schools, Shells, Warehouse, Commercial and small industrial projects. Staying true to the first and only electrical company which gave him the opportunity, he went from apprentice to Supervisor/Service to jr. estimator before separating from them in 2010. His ultimate Goal is to build a company with excellent electrical service, which in turn can offer superior customer service.

Just months after NX Electric’s formation, Alberto was joined by his brother, (now General Manager of Operations) Manuel Negrete. Manuel and Alberto started their careers the same day and with the same company, although Manuel took a different journey in his quest to learn the electrical industry. He wanted to explore the differential methods of electrical installation by others, prospective in process, learning new and creative workmanship. He has traveled to McAllen, Odessa, Austin and San Antonio and has been involved in projects like Cowboys Stadium, DFW Airport, and Lockheed Martin; all in the process to absorb and learn electrical work processes in different worlds. The two electrician professionals possess over 30 years combined experience in the field. Currently NX Electric, LLC is staffed by a team of professionals, dedicated to exceed the customer’s expectations through superior workmanship, outstanding service, and an uncompromising commitment to improvement. This customer-driven approach has resulted in numerous long-term clients, who have in turn, referred us new projects resulting in a business built on solid, expanding relationships.